Up to Speed

Upload and Download

Nowadays, people are getting less and less patient when it comes to waiting files to upload or download. So, when it comes eLearning courses, if your course does not load immediately, learners are more likely to close it even before starts. Learners will start forwarding their concerns to departments like IT, or worse complain how the training is a complete of waste of time. Thus, it’s very important to ensure that your eLearning courses load quickly.

So, how do you ensure that your eLearning courses are up to speed? Make sure to use the right file types for your graphics, animation and audio. Find ways to compress them without sacrificing much of their quality. I strongly recommend testing your eLearning courses using your learners’ computers, mobile phones or tablets, so you know how the course will run with their gadgets’ bandwidth and configuration. In fact, why not pilot the course before rolling it out for further testing and tweaking.

How do you make sure your eLearning courses load quickly and efficiently?

About Jessie Narciso

I'm an ISD (Instructional Systems Designer). I help organizations solve their business problems and develop their people by designing learning solutions.

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