Did They Like It?

Getting our learners’ feedback is one of the ways we measure our training’s success. We use surveys, whether paper-based or online, to gather our learners’ ideas, feelings and suggestions. Their responses help us find out how well they liked (or didn’t like) the training, from the training design to its facilitation to the learning environment. We try to get their feedback on almost all elements of the training. Moreover, we use this information not only to find out how well we did, but also to identify areas where we can improve our training.

However, getting learners to actually respond to surveys can sometimes be a challenge. Learners are typically excited to get out of the classroom the moment the actual training ends, whether it be out of the excitement to apply what they’ve learned or simply out of sheer boredom, we’ll never really know unless they take the survey.

How then do we encourage our learners to take the survey?

Here are a few suggestions that will help you get the valuable feedback that you need.

  • Make the survey easy to complete

By this I mean…

    • Ensure that the instructions are clear and easy to understand.
    • Ask clear and specific questions.
    • Use a format that’s easy to respond to (e.g. multiple choice for paper-based survey or check boxes or radio buttons for online survey).
  • Set the expectation that there will be a survey towards the end of the training

This will help your learners prepare and possibly think about what they would like to put on the survey. You want those comment boxes filled as well.

  • Allot a time on when learners will take the survey.

Make sure to include the survey in your schedule. By giving them time to take the survey, you can avoid learners rushing to answer the questions. You will get more valuable information if they are not answering the survey in haste.

  • Tell them how valuable their feedback is and how you will use them in the future.

Let your learners know that they are your customers and knowing how they think and feel is of utmost importance to you. Let them know too that they can be honest and straightforward in their feedback since this will help you improve future trainings.

This list is not exhaustive but I hope that you find this list helpful.

How about you? How do you encourage your learners to take the survey?

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About Jessie Narciso

I'm an ISD (Instructional Systems Designer). I help organizations solve their business problems and develop their people by designing learning solutions.

One response to “Did They Like It?

  1. HD

    i can only agree – this is a great article! please keep on posting!

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